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Oh no. I've been outed as a rabbi

Watch out! There's a bagel-Nazi about

In America we had this National Socialist movement, and these people go around, they do these very public demonstrations, they have swastikas and the whole thing, and quite a few of these guys are government agents, I mean they are paid by the government. These are so-called working-class guys and they're flying around the country, doing these demonstrations, well I'm just extremely suspicious. And it's well known, any group like that is going to be infiltrated by the F.B.I., so quite a few of their statements are intentionally provocative, they want to get on the news, and they want to be as outrageous as possible. For example one of their big demonstrations out here happened at a time when there was a lot of concern in the media about immigration, well they come out here, again it's a typical "guilt by association", these people are against immigration, therefore if you're opposed to immigration you're a "Nazi," as simple as that. That's the logic they're working on at a subliminal level. I think a lot of this is staged, a lot of it is work of agent provocateurs as we say, and some of them, quite a few of them are paid by the government.
- Professor Kevin MacDonald, January 2012 (beginning at 20:00 mark)

Carolyn Yeager Rips Into The Black Rabbi of Winston
Smith Ministry of Half-Truth and Half-Baked Nonsense
Posted on May 1, 2012 by ZionCrimeFactory

Today I noticed I had a lot of traffic to my blog from "neo-Nazi" ZionCrimeFactory's website, so I went to find out why, and hey ho, he's posted an entire article about me (the one cited above). Now, I don't get along with ZCF, I find his purported Hitler reverence, strapped to Holocaust denial (he's no Revisionist) and 9-11 Truth counter-productive. I can imagine the ADL gleefully linking to his site, announcing: "Here, proof that Deniers and 9-11 Truthers are neo-Nazis who want to kill all Jews. Free speech = hate speech."
ZCF is undoubtedly a talented writer, as a researcher, well, he's certainly bold. Here he "proves" that the Nazis persecuted the German branch of B'nai B'rith. His evidence is an article in Time magazine, whose publisher also brought us Life magazine, which ZCF could use to "prove" the Nazis planned to destroy Pittsburgh by harnessing the Sun's rays from their giant space-station! I've hundreds of newspaper article on my blog, but I don't claim American gruelpropaganda is concrete evidence of Nazi atrocities, as ZCF's expects his so-called "supporters" to accept. The more concrete "research" from ZCF is predominantly filched, generally without accreditation, and passed off as original research. There's a word for that, it's "plagiarism." Even in his short article on me, again and again and again he simply parrots what he has learned from my blog, but his own rudimentary knowledge can't help but expose itself
After all, it was Britain — operating as International Jewry’s most loyal servant and the Rothschilds’ national bitch since the 1700′s
"1700's"!? You sure about that ZCF? Seeing as a Rothschild didn't even step foot in Britain until 1797, and then just a cotton buyer.  

Just some of my artwork on ZCF's website. Will he now delete them?

I'd long since stopped visiting ZCF's site for unaccredited compendiums of other people work, maybe it was the highbrow series of emails I received from him a while back, about me being a Jew who fellates other Jews which prompted that, or maybe the fact he cowardly blocks all comments from me on his site. (I did delete just the one pathetic comment which I presume was from him recently [it was posted anonymously], but only after a day's notice that it would be deleted, and it was only due to the post it was on being far more important than usual. All his other comments are still present.) ZCF is clearly obsessed with my blog, and I mean in the precise clinical definition of the condition. Whole segments of his articles are C&P from my blog, dozens upon dozens of newspaper articles have been lifted from here, phrase after phrase he's suddenly echoing hours after I've posted on here. For example, in his article published today, he features two newspaper articles (AB) which he learnt about from me. I pass on things I learn from other researchers all the time, I just don't simultaneously publish nonsense about them being undercover agents of International Jewry, and persistently make thinly veiled references to information they've published, supposedly debunked by a few petty insults and slurs. 
ZCF is also a liar. No point in mincing words, he's a liar as well as a potty-mouthed plagiarist. He claims I paint Hitler as a "Rothschild-descendant" whereas I personally discovered the top-level Zionist origin of that disinformation. I'm anti-Nationalist he claims, which is news to me, but he doesn't even attempt to even back-up that accusation. My efforts are apparently to counter British shame for the "annihilating millions of German men, women and children, with firebombs from the sky." ZCF obviously just read my recent post on Dresden Holocaust denial, but unsurprisingly he doesn't know that 500 American B-17s were also involved in that war crime. ZCF may also be interested to learn that Churchill's mom was as American as unshakeable support of Israel apple-pie, and I'm fairly certain F.D.R. and Dwight "I hate the Germans" Eisenhower weren't from this side of the pond either.
ZCF does not own, nor has he read any of Norman Finkelstein's books, probably not even read any of his articles available free on his website. But because he's a Jew, that's enough for ZCF to call him a "Jewish supremacist." Finkelstein's work in exposing ever increasing "Holocaust survivor" numbers and Zionist false claims about non-existent Swiss bank accounts, does far more to raise public awareness of the Ho£ocaust PLC, than online goosestepping and reading out posts from my blog on Hicksville radio shows, which ZCF clearly thinks is the way forward.  
ZCF says I agree with the ADL's Abe Foxman on the Protocols of the Learned Elder's of Zion being a fraud. This is actually 100% true, no doubt Foxman and I also agree on the colour of the sky, and what 2 plus 2 equals. But on non-flat Earther issues, such as the the holes in Leichenkeller I's roof, I suspect me and Foxman differ greatly in opinion. ZCF will no doubt call the world's leading Revisionist Carlo Mattagno, who's spent 30 years ceaselessly exposing the fraudulent Ho£ocaust, "a Jewish shill" for he also wrote about the fraudulent Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I look forward to the article from ZCF which finally proves the authenticity of the Protocols. But I'll no doubt be waiting some time. A reductio ad absurdum with a wheelbarrow of ad hominems shovelled in, will never build the foundations of any serious argument. But unfortunately for ZCF, that's all he'll ever have.
Caroline Yeager
Caroline Yeager, is a "Christian Identity" follower, they are neo-Nazis who believe that they, and not Jews, are the Chosen People in the Jewish Bible aka Old Testament. Bizarre! Takes all sorts I suppose. Anyway, Caroline did a segment (starting at 1:35 mark) on me in one of her recent radio broadcasts (which I learnt from ZCF's drivel). Caroline is upset that the Nazis collaborated with Zionists, and would like it to be just 1970's communist propaganda lies. Well, too bad, it's a fact. Or did they borrow Rudolp Hoess' time-machine to plant this story in the 1930s.
Yes Caroline I post a lot, most of my posts are very short. Nope, I've no staff, nor do I get paid for it, and I do link to your site actually. This was only the second of your shows I've heard. I very much enjoyed your interview of Robert Faurisson, who ZCF would no doubt call a "Jew shill", as he doesn't believe the Protocols are genuine either.
ZCF's claim is that I'm a secret Jew who's out to subliminally discredit Hitler and Nazism. Because Jews don't want to discredit Hitler and Nazism publicly I suppose! Oddly ZCF promotes two book by authors (Douglas Reed and Jüri Lina) on his site, who have both stated repeatedly that Hitler was a Jewish agent. ZCF would know this if he actually bothered reading their works. 
Is ZCF a hasbara rat? He's certainly a "useful idiot." He promotes the Sabbatean myth that there is a direct link between Revisionism, 9/11 Truth and their, and ZCF's, comic book version of National Socialism, in which all Jews are all bad, and must all be killed. A mirrored image of sick Lurianic beliefs considered a divine instruction by supposed "Messenger to mankind" Elie Wiesel. Essentially ZCF is helping to link this with this. He also reviles anyone who points out the fact Nazis and Zionists collaborated, exactly like the media Jews discussed in this article do. Their motives for doing this are transparent. But what are the motives of ZCF for helping them? It is because of this ZionCrimeFactory seems a lot less neo-Nazi than he does bagel-Nazi. 

ZCF's picture of me: 

Well, two can play at that game.

Chabad Lubavitch, who worship a dead man. Just like ZCF (pictured front-centre) pretends to do.

Holocaust deniers and 9/11 Truthers promote the Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion and are neo-Nazis who want to kill all Jews. And anyone who
claims that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, is just making it up.

Dearest ZCF 
Thanks for propagating these lies, and helping us to brush aside genuine arguments as merely the views of "neo-Nazis."
Lots of luv, from big Abe and all your brethren at the ADL
Shalom Heil

Below is the comment I left on ZCF post cited above. May 3, 2012. 22:01 BST

Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
Hello ZCF
I trust you’ll comply to the Right of Reply.
And issue a separate post, with the title of my response, date of publication and this link.
I’ll check back tomorrow to see if you have, and if not up date my reply as necessary. This message has been copied onto my original post.
The Black Rabbit of Inlé

Update: May 5th, 2012, 02:00 BST

As I suspected would be the case, Zion blocked the above comment left on his site, and has not mentioned, let alone linked to the above response to his article on me. But he has another cartoon of me, in a new article about the shocking revelation that Norman Finkelstein is not a Ho£ocaust denier. 


  1. For what it's worth I'm with you. And I don't care if you are English or French or Syrian. Nor if you are Christian, Jew, black, white or red. I like your posts, because meny are very interesting. (I'm the same guy who translated a brief sentence of Mattogno).
    BTW Protocols are false. Nazists and Sionist collaborated very much, (E. Black, L. Brenner, Yehuda Bauer and many other). Finkelstein is so suprematicist and loved that he had a very easy career at University after he wrote "The Holocaust Industry"!
    And last but not least even if you have a secret agenda, I don't care very much. I'm a reader. All that I want is to read something interesting. Your site has that.

  2. Keep doing what you're doing. Every time someone strikes a nerve with this issue they are called self-haters, closet-whatevers, you get the picture. Your writings are very provacative in making others think in a different way and making us do a little research for ourselves.


  3. Finklestein called David Duke and Lady Michelle Renouf "Flat Earthers" in a televised phone conversation broadcast on Iranian TV during the Tehran Holococaust Conference. I suspect he was given a very handsome "Golden Parachute" to leave De Paul University and not sue them. A severence package that makes an annual teaching salary look like peanuts. Norman Finklestein plays the "second generation survivor" card whenever he can. Somehow his parents escaped the gas chambers, but he infers the rest of his family were frog marched into them. I appreciate Finklestein's exposés on the Goldhagen thesis, the Holocaust industry and Alan Dershowitz's plagerism, but he's a union steward in an academic shop closed to gentiles. Jews can criticize Jews. That's called pilpul, chutzpah or one up manship, but woe to any gentile who dares to take them on, ie Douglas Reed. Carolyn Yeager is not a Christian Identicst. She's a revisionist who has found intellectual companionship with William Finck, a Christian Identicist revisionist. She participates in conversations with him intermittently podcast at his and her blog sites. She's sat in and hosted his show while he was off traveling twice. They discuss WWII history with a definite German bias, because both are German-Americans and very aware of the role Britain played in getting America to side with them in two fratricidal world wars for empire. 911 and 7/7 were inside jobs. Israeli intelligence and Jewish sayanim were most definitely co-conspirators, along with various intelligence, media and military networks in other governments. Muslims were used as patsies if used at all. This becomes obvious to those who are really curious about these events.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just appeal to a well respected rabbi to resolve this conflict through halakhic law? That isn’t to suggest that you’re both jews – rather simply to acknowledge that our foe has a leg up on us regarding his strategy for resolving internal conflicts.

    Until the day comes when we have a similar hierarchy to lean on it falls on the shoulders of the individual to recognize the importance of the cause and exercise restraint.

    I see it like this: K Mac provides an academic analysis of our problem, you salvage amazing evidence from the dusty memory hole, and ZCF compiles your evidence and K Macs analysis into a simple concept that appeals to the broad masses.
    While I tend to prefer browsing through the texts you discover, I also realize the value of what ZCF does. I am even starting to agree with him regarding Hitler. Since any effort made to combat the ever growing threat in the world will be decried as “Nazi”, it might be the case that there is no other way out than to resurrect Hitler, to some extent at least. This idea is also explored in a recent counter-currents podcast.


    Keep up the good work.

  5. You are wrong about the protocols being "false". We can footnote all of them and show corollaries in the modern world. They do have parallels to Joly's text, but they also have parallels to Jacob Venedy's text - and both characters were associated with Karl Marx, Giusseppe Mazzini, and Adolph Crimeux. Fry notes:

    " By way of illustration, let it be assumed that the Book of Common Prayer used in the Anglican Church were unknown to the Jews. Suppose, then, that a copy of it were secretly obtained by a certain Jew and published, and that the Jews were shocked by the Anglican doctrine of which they learned in this way for the first time. It would then be easy for another Jew to show that the Book of Common Prayer was a plagiarism: it contains passages copied, word for word, from the Gospels; the Psalms are a transcript from King James' Bible; and so on. And not only that, but there are many parallels to be found in the secular literature. " At any rate ", one can imagine the second Jew saying at the end, " the fact of plagiarism has been conclusively established, and we may therefore affirm that no such Book of Common Prayer is used in the worship of the Church of England."
    The second Jew would be right in pointing out the parallels in the earlier literature-though his conclusion would be ridiculous-for there is a very real connection: and so it is with the Protocols.
    One might have thought that The Times, in its desire to publish the truth about the Protocols, would at least have given the correct title of the Geneva Dialogues, it is, Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavelli et Montesquieu, published anonymously in Brussels in 1865. Moreover a minute's search in a library catalogue shows that another book, bearing a similar title, was published some years earlier: namely, Machiavelli, Montesquieu & Rousseau, by Jacob Venedey, published by Franz Dunnicker in Berlin in 1850. The Times, with its interest in plagiarisms, might have been tempted to glance at this latter volume as also at The Prince by Machiavelli and L'Esprit des Lois by Montesquieu. Had it done so, its curiosity would have been amply rewarded: passages quoted from the Protocols as plagiarised from the Dialogues of 1865, are similar to several10 in Venedey's book of 1850, and both Jacob Venedey and Maurice Joly should be branded as plagiarists.
    But the resemblance between the Protocols and Venedey's book does not stop with a few parallel passages: the spirit of both is the same; it is revolutionary, whereas the Dialogues of 1865 are socialistic and polemical. The anonymous author merely borrowed certain descriptive passages in Venedey to give colour to his argument.11
    Now hadn't The Times better discover a copy of Venedey belonging to a former Okhrana officer, so as to explain how the Russian secret police were able to plagiarize the spirit, as well as a few platitudes and descriptive bits, when forging the Protocols ? Its correspondent in Peiping might make that discovery some day? No, the Peiping correspondent (or any other) will be-very careful not to make that discovery, for the simple reason that Venedey was a Jew, whereas
    The Times' point is that the Jews had nothing to do with the drafting of the Protocols. Its argument is that the author of the Dialogues was a Corsican; that the Corsicans in the Paris Police preserved the Dialogues and gave a copy to the Corsican members of the Russian police, who used it to forge the Protocols: these insidious Corsicans!12 But what of Venedey?"

  6. ...Jacob Venedey, born in Cologne in May, 1805, was early engaged in revolutionary activities which caused his expulsion from Germany. He settled in Paris where, in 1835, he edited a paper of subversive character, called Le Proscrit. Driven from Paris by the police, he moved to Havre, until, thanks to the representations of Arago and Mignet, friends of Cr6mieux, he was allowed to return to the capital. Meanwhile his book, Romanisme, Christianisme et Germanisme, won the praise of the French Academy, Venedey was a close friend and associate of Karl Marx. After spending the years 1843-44 in England, the headquarters of continental revolutionaries, he worked in Brussels for the founding, with Marx in 1847, of a secret organization, " The Communist League of Workers " (later the " Societe internationale de la Democratic ").
    After the February revolution in 1848, Venedey joined Marx in Germany, where he became one of the chiefs of the revolutionary committee of Fifty (March, 1848), and was sent as commissar into the Oberland to stand against Hecker. Later elected as a member of the Left from Hesse-Homburg, he continued to serve on the Committee of Fifty. It was at this time that he brought out in Berlin his Machia-yelli, Montesquieu & Rousseau, stressing the views attributed to Machiavelli and Rousseau in favour of despotism and oppression.13
    When order was restored in Germany, Venedey was expelled from Berlin and Breslau. He was an active member of the Free Masons and affiliated with the Carbonari;14 he was also closely associated not only with the revolution 12. It is noteworthy that no Corsican has yet raised a voice ofprotest against the charges made in The Times. Yet it is the Corsicanswho are the real victims of a libel, not the Jews tionaries of his day, but (as might be expected) with the leading Jews, the founders of the Alliance Israelite Univer-selle.15 The latter included men of as different political parties as the reactionary-imperialist Fould, the liberal-conservative Disraeli, and the communist-revolutionary Marx, and whether living under an empire, a constitutional monarchy or a republic, all laboured towards a common aim, the establishment of an international Jewish world power.16 Prominent among them and in close touch with Venedey, was Adolphe Isaac Cremieux (1798-1880). A Nimes lawyer with an ardent admiration for Napoleon, he became legal adviser to the Bonaparte family and an intimate of Louis Napoleon with whom he joined in overthrowing the government of Louis Philippe in 1849. A member of the Mizraim Lodge, the Scottish Rite (of which he became Supreme Master on the death of Viennet), he was familiar with all new movements; and his influence enabled him to render at least one important service to Jewry by having the Jewish murderers of Father Thomas in Damascus (1841) set at liberty. One of the leaders in the revolution of February ] 848, he was appointed minister of justice under the provisional government, and used all his political influence in the election of Louis Napoleon to the presidency of the republic. Cremieux hoped in this way to be named Prime Minister and to control French policy for a period, as Disraeli did in England somewhat later. Like Disraeli, he had the financial support of the Rothschilds; but when the President chose for his banker another Jew, Fould, and named General Cavaignac premier, Cremieux saw he had lost. Bitterly disappointed, he became so hostile to his former friend that, at the time of the coup d'e"tat in 1851, he was imprisoned at Vincennes. On his release, he identified himself with the enemies of the emperor; these included the communist associates of Marx, Mazzini, Jacob Venedey (already mentioned), Louis Blanc, Ledru Rollin, Pierre Leroux, and a group of socialists, among whom was Maurice Joly.17

  7. Joly, some thirty years younger than Cr6mieux, with an inherited hatred of the Bonapartes, seems to have fallen very largely under his influence. Through Cr6mieux, Joly became acquainted with communists and their writings. Though, until 1871 when his ambition for a government post turned him into a violent communist, he had not in 1864 gone beyond socialism, he was so impressed with the way they presented their arguments that he could not, if the chance were offered, refrain from imitating it. And this chance came in 1864-1865, when his hatred of Napoleon, whetted by Crdmieux, led him to publish anonymously in Brussels the Dialogues aux Enfers entre Machiavelli et Montesquieu. In this work he tells us,18 " Machiavelli represents the policy of Might, while Montesquieu stands for that of Right: Machiavelli will be Napoleon, who will himself describe his abominable policy ". It was natural that he should choose the Italian Machiavelli to stand for Bonaparte, and the Frenchman Montesquieu, for the ideal statesman: it was equally natural that he should put in the mouth of Machiavelli some of the same expressions which Venedey had put in it, and which Joly had admired. His own view was: " Socialism seems to me one of the forms of a new life for the people emancipated from the traditions of the old world. I accept a great many of the solutions offered by socialism; but I reject communism, either as a social factor, or as a political institution. Communism is but a school of socialism. In politics, I understand extreme means to gain one's ends-in that at least, I am a Jacobin."19
    The French authorities, however, penetrated the thinly disguised satire: Joly was arrested and sentenced to two years imprisonment (April, 1865). But the Dialogues had pleased Cremieux as much as they had displeased the emperor, and, when his term expired, his Jewish patron rallied to his support: Joly was able to found a legal review, Le Palais, with Jules Favre, Desmaret, Leblond, Arago, Berryer, and Adolphe Cremieux as its principal stockholders.
    With the fall of Napoleon III, Adolphe Cremieux once more took an open part in politics. Pushing to the front his former secretary, Gambetta, he directed through him the negotiations with Bismarck. Bismarck himself was guided by the Jew Bamberger (1832-1899), a former revolutionary of '48, but who had for years managed the Paris branch of the Jewish bank Bischofsheim & Gold-schmidt; he was also a friend of Cremieux. A third Jew in the negotiations was the son of James Rothschild.20 In this way, care was taken that the treaty should be satisfactory, if not entirely to the signatories, yet at least so to the Alliance Israelite Universelle.
    From then (1871) until his death in 1880, as President of the Alliance Israelite Universelle and Supreme Master of the Scottish Rite, Cremieux was one of the promoters of the anti-clerical movement following the Franco-Prussian war. His favourite theme was that there should be one cult: speaking at a general assembly of the Alliance he said: " The Alliance is not limited to our cult; it voices its appeal to all cults and wants to penetrate in all religions, as it has penetrated into all countries. Let us endeavour boldly to bring about the union of all cults under one flag of " Union and Progress ": such is the motto of humanity."21
    One cult, one flag. Are the Protocols of Nilus, or the words of Machiavelli in Joly's book or in Venedey's book, anything but an elaborate exposition of the ideas thus briefly expressed by Cremieux? His activities are one of the best examples of Jewish internationalism. Thus the principal attempt to discredit the Protocols leads directly into historical studies which substantiate and illustrate their doctrine in a remarkable and unexpected manner."

  8. The Comment about ZCF plagiarizing your post concerning David David Wolffsohn's statements is completely false. ZCF actually discovered this in December 19, 2011: http://zioncrimefactory.com/2011/12/19/1907-leader-of-world-zionism-says-jews-must-conquer-the-world/

    Your post containing that material is dated April 3, 2012.

    So, with all due respect to the material you've uncovered, that insinuation is a bit libelous.

    1. Once again you've misread it Blissentia.

      ZCPF in his article I cited above uses the 1907 Wolffsohn article I found, and not the 1914 one he found. So what I said was 100% true. There are 3 articles found on Wolffsohn saying "Jewish people must yet conquer the world." ZCPF found 1, I found 2.

      Reproducing one article is not plagiarism, I never say it was. Copy & Pasting almost entire posts from my blog is. I noticed he done that when I first read his article, but I let it go as it's all news that needs to be propagated. Then last week he started libelling me in public. And I'm entitled to defend myself.

      The protocols are fake Blissentia, claiming they're authentic is not helping anyone.

    2. I have dissolved Mattognos' narrative, based on the London Times article, with my "Waters Flowing Eastward" citation. Waters Flowing Eastward completely refutes the Times, Lucien Wolf, and other early attempts at refutation. Other texts I have posted in response to your protocols article refute the others.

      Peter Myers, though he upholds the holocaust myth, nevertheless has refuted Norman Cohn on the protocols. Other items, such as the Illuminati being the propagator of the French Revolution and the originator of Communism, and even the use of vaccines to spread diseases (accomplished in a major way with Jonas Salk and his polio vaccine) are discussed.

      Their connection to previous works is only because those previous works are a part of an ongoing Judeo-Masonic tradition. Douglas Reed has gone into this in great detail: http://knud.eriksen.adr.dk/Controversybook/TheProtocols.htm

      Yes, Judaism and Freemasonry were very much dedicated to destroying the old world order and replacing it with their own, pseudo-democratic, Communist, and Zionist world order. George Knuppfer has shown this in great detail in "The Struggle for World Power", which I highly recommend.

  9. What a pathetic, weak-ass ad hominem effort from The Black RABBI. You cannot refute my accurate analysis of your Jewish ways, so you resort to cheap slander and chest beating. What a fucking loser.

    Gotta love how, like a stereotypical Jewish slander artist, you claim I "stole" your artwork when you know damn well you made those images for me at my request a good six months ago, before our little "rift".

    The best you got is to say I incorporated a few quotes that you perhaps "found", but didn't write, into my JWO essay (even though I link directly to you multiple times in that article, which, of course, you pretend to ignore). I guess they don't have dictionaries at Hebrew school, eh Shlomo? If you looked up the definition of "plagiarism" you would see that it's impossible to plagiarize from a person who has never written anything in his life. You post quotes from OTHER PEOPLES BOOKS and newspaper articles that you didn't write. This laughable excuse for an article appears to be the first original thing you've ever authored in your life! LOL. Nice try Shlomo, but epic fail with this paltry babble.

    Wow, what a lame ass Jew SCUMBAG you turned out to be. Bravo.

    1. I'm sure that all makes sense in your head.


      "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience"
      – Mark Twain

      You're a liar and a plagiarist, and you're not welcome here.

    2. ZionCrimeFactory11 May 2012 at 12:07

      What's the secret handshake for your Finkelstein-worshiping cult?

    3. Wow, you really are a stupid asshole.

  10. ZCF is a joke. Him and Kike, I mean Mike, are minions of Queen Yeagerstein, propagating base-instinct Hitler worship, which is altogether pretty sad and counter productive.


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