Sunday, 1 April 2012

1941: Rosenberg on the 6,000,000 Jews

Many prominent Ho£ocaust historians claim Alfred Rosenberg gave a speech to members of the German press on November 18, 1941 in which he mentioned the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 figure and "eradication." Professor Christopher Browning wrote in his expensively commissioned report for the Irving vs. Penguin & Lipstadt trial:
On November 15, 1941, Himmler had a four-hour discussion with Alfred Rosenberg. Three days later Rosenberg gave a "confidential" background report to the German press. The reporters were not yet to print the details of what was happening in the east, but they needed sufficient background so that the press could give its treatment the proper "color" (Farbe), he explained. Among the topics Rosenberg dealt with was the Jewish question. 
Im Osten leben noch etwa sechs-Millionen Juden, und diese Frage nur gelöst werden in eine biologischen Ausmerzung des gesamten Judentums in Europe. Die Judenfrage ist für Deutschland erst gelöst, wenn der letzte Jude das deutsche Territoriums verlassen hat, und für Europa wenn kein Jude mehr bis zum Ural auf dem europäischen Kontinent steht. ...dazu ist es nötig, sie über den Ural zu drängen oder sonst irgendwie zur Ausmerzung zu bringen.  
(In the east some six million Jews still live, and this question can only be solved in a biological eradication of the entire Jewry of Europe. The Jewish question is only solved for Germany when the last Jew has left German territory, and for Europe when not a single Jew lives on the European continent up to the Urals. ...for this reason it is necessary to expel them over the Urals or eradicate them in some other way.)
Browning, Christopher R. Documentary Evidence for the emergence of a program to kill the
Jews of Europe. (section) 5.1.8. Evidence for the Implementation of the Final Solution

Leading Revisionist Carlos Whitlock Porter has pointed out that notes of this speech were found by the German Jew and Nuremberg trial lawyer Robert Kempner, who also found the only copy of the Wannsee Protocols. Porter wrote:
In all probability, it is just another forgery. ... Only an examination of the original could establish the truth. Yet, like those of nearly all the other important documents on the "extermination of the Jews," it is not available for inspection.
Robert Kempner was considered "something of a joke" by U.S. chief prosecutor Robert Jackson. David Irving wrote of Kempner:
"He coerced witnesses ... with threats of deportation to Russia ... allowed the faking of movie and photographic evidence ... stole numbers of original documents from the archives ... also purloined from Nuremberg Trial records the original diaries of chief Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg"

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