Thursday, 15 December 2011

Erm ... How do you know its six million?

Rabbi Louis Israel Newman (1893 - 1972) vice president of the American Jewish Congress,
was ordained by überZionist, soothsayer and gruelpropagandist Rabbi Stephen Wise.

Holocaustians claim the six million figure came from SS Sturmbannführer Wilhelm
Hoettl, but Hoettl's affidavit used at the Nuremberg Trials (2738-PS) wasn't signed
until November 26, 1945, nor submitted to the main trial until mid-December 1945.

Newman wasn't the only Zionist claiming six million Jews had be holocausted,
long before that figure was supposedly revealed by the Nazis themselves:

All from newspapers and magazines or published books prior to the end of WW2, most long
before, many dating back to the early 20th century, all can be found somewhere on this blog


  1. Black Rabbit, the way you compile the facts makes hidden things transparent and visible. There must be a lot of work behind this. My english isn´t very well, but I hope I get it out right. Thanks a lot, one more time.


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