Thursday, 15 December 2011

6,000,000 & Churchill's Zionist-puppet son

Winston Churchill stated more than once, that he was a Zionist.

David Irving in one of his finest speeches I've heard, exposes
how Churchill was brought, owned and controlled by Zionists.

"Ever since I began to take an interest in politics, I have been an ardent supporter of Zionism."

- Randolph Churchill

Winston Churchill's only son Randolph, was yet another Zionist (here for others), who somehow
knew that 6,000,000 Jews had been holocausted by the Nazis, long before any calculation of
losses was release, and before just one Nazi "confessed" that they had killed six million Jews.

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  1. David Irving has an interesting article posted on his site.

    Sunday, April 8 2007,
    Churchill's "Jewish mother"
    by David Burbridge ("David B.")


    Jews of course "DENY" Churchill had any Jewish ancestry.


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