Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Himmler was sure he'd killed more than 6,000,000 Jews

Eichmann (left, in 1933) and Himmler
"Eichmann said at that time six million people have been killed, four million in concentration camps and similar set-ups, and two million by shooting, Einsatzkommandos. And he told me at that time, it was fantastic really, 'I had thought a lot of people had been killed, but six million!' And he said 'Just imagine, that was still too few for Himmler. Himmler said to me, 'There must be more than that.' And he set up his own statistics unit (today we would say 'computer people') who were to check up on this.'"
- Wilhelm Höttl (quoting Eichmann quoting Himmler)
Found on Episode 20 Genocide of The World at War (1973/4) here

SS Sturmbannführer Wilhelm Höttl, is described in a 1949 US intelligence reports as
"a man of such low character and poor political record that his use for intelligence activities, regardless of how profitable they may be, is a short-sighted policy by the US."

Wilhelm Höttl began to work for the US Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the
Central Intelligence Agency) after his captured. And it was after he started working for them,
that he signed an affidavit stating Adolf Eichmann told him the Nazis had killed 6,000,000 Jews.

Holocaustians lie and credit the 6,000,000 figure, which appeared seven times in the main Nuremberg
trial transcript and submitted evidence, to that affidavit by Wilhelm Höttl. But as is easily proved
again, again and again, this figure was established long before Höttl was captured in May 1945.

At Adolf Eichmann's trial, Eichmann straight out denied giving Höttl the 6,000,000 figure:
"If Hoettl is here using figures, I must comment that no one received such figures from me, because I myself had none. In this connection it is odd that everyone claims to have received figures from me - one person says it was five million, the other six million"

After being kidnapped from Argentina, drugged and flown to Israel. During his interrogation,
the lights were never switched-off in his cell even at night, a guard was always present in his cell,
day and night. Under obvious duress, Eichmann admitted to Israeli police captain Avner Less:
"My estimation? If he (Wilhelm Höttl) asked me, I may have given him an estimated figure--yes, I may have."
and later
"I must have told him (Wilhelm Höttl) the contents of the statistician's report. I must have told him that. I think the comprehensive report ended with a total of five million. That's what I seem to remember."

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