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"Well, I doubt it was 6,000,000." - Goering

On March 21, 1946, David Maxwell-Fyfe, British prosecutor at the
International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, was cross-examining
Herman Goering. Told that the Nazis had killed 6,000,000 Jews,
Goering denied he, nor Hitler, knew anything about that.

SIR DAVID MAXWELL-FYFE: If you do not consider it proved, let me remind you of the affidavit of Hoettl, who was Deputy Group Leader of the Foreign Section, of the Security Section of Amt IV of the RSHA. He says that approximately 4,000,000 Jews have been killed in the concentration camps, while an additional 2,000,000 met death in other ways. Assume that these figures -- one is a Russian figure, the other a German -- assume they are even 50 percent correct, assume it was 2,000,000 and 1,000,000, are you telling this Tribunal that a Minister with your power in the Reich could remain ignorant that that was going on?

GOERING: This I maintain, and the reason for this is that these things were kept secret from me. I might add that in my opinion not even the Furhrer knew the extent of what was going on. This is also explained by the fact that Himmler kept all these matters very secret. We were never given figures or any other details.

Gustave Gilbert (1911 – 1977) was a Jewish American psychologist, who spoke fluent German. He was
permitted huge access, and made detailed observations of high ranking Nazi leaders during the
Nuremberg Trials. In 1947 he published many of his findings in his book The Nuremberg Diary.

He writes of a conversation around the lunch table, on February 15th 1946,
with himself, Herman Goering, Rudolf Hess, Karl Dönitz, Erich Raeder, and
Joachim von Ribbentrop. Gilbert said to Goering: "You can't shrug off 6,000,000
murders." To which Goering replied: "Well, I doubt it was 6,000,000."

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  1. CRYPTOME http://cryptome.org/cia-2619.htm

    7 November 2001:

    Joseph Trento has published "The Secret History of the CIA," in which he cites papers and interviews of Robert Crowley as sources for the book. Prima Publishing, Random House, New York, 2001. ISBN 0-7615-2562-9. Mr. Trento writes informatively and entertainingly of several persons listed in The Crowley Files.

    Gregory Douglas, source of The Crowley Files, now has his own Web site which presents his research on the Crowley papers and other resources:


    A document purported to be a CIA assessment of deaths at Auschwitz written up by George S. MacCalister can be found at the Crowley File 1996 website. Total deaths

    The Crow

    The Crow was the CIA code name for Robert Trumbull Crowley, once Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations for that agency.

    In 1996, Crowley gave a quantity of his private papers to several journalists.

    Because of his position with the CIA, Crowley was privy to many of the agencies most closely-kept secrets and his files are legendary.

    After his death in October of 2000, various official U.S. agencies attempted to get these files back into official cover but they have proven to be completely unsuccessful.

    The Crow will be publishing selections from these files for the benefit of the scholar and historian and the unhappiness of untold others.

    "For a quarter of a century the CIA has been repeatedly wrong about every major political and economic question entrusted to its analysis.”

    Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, The New York Times, 1991

    They still are.


    Total of Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz, May, 1944-October, 1944

    May 8548

    June 3981

    July 6543

    Aug 3881

    Sept 163

    Oct 1



    Total number of Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz, May-October, 1944


    Note: Number of Hungarian Jews claimed sent to Auschwitz, May-October,1944:

    Lucy Dawidowicz. The War Against the Jews, New York, 1975. 450,000

    Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, New York, 1985. 180,000

    Hungarian Jews transferred from Auschwitz, May-October, 1944

    May 2963

    June 5934

    July 9630

    Aug 1500

    Sept 1300

    Oct 200



    Total number of Hungarian Jews entering Auschwitz, May-October, 1944:


    Total number of Hungarian Jews transferred from Auschwitz, May-October, 1944:


    Total number of Hungarian Jews remaining in Auschwitz after October, 1944:



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