Monday, 11 July 2011

September 1939: Jews warn six million Jews will die

This is the third, but earliest appearance I've now found of this article.

It also appears in the

The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh) October 13, 1939 here
The Southern Israelite (Georgia) November 28, 1939 here

I believe the Hans Ziegler mentioned in the article is Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler, arrowed in the above photos.

He was involved in the Degenerate Music exhibition in Düsseldorf
in 1938, in fact his name appears on the above infamous poster.
This is his wikipedia page (in German).

The German National Library List lists 23 articles by, or about Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler,
a book entitled Juden und der Weltkrieg (Jews and the World War) is not amongst them.

There is a book called Die Juden und der Weltkrieg (The Jews and the World War), which was written in 1916
by a German named Felix A. Theilhaber who served as a doctor in the German army during World War I.

Theilhaber also wrote Jüdische Flieger im Kriege (Jewish Flyers in the War) in 1918, in
which he gave accounts of over one hundred Jewish soldiers who flew for Germany.
Theilhader writings were in the defence of Jews, to counter accusations
that Jews had been a traitorous element in Germany during World War I.

Theilhader was the founder and chairman of Gesex (The Society of Sexual Reform). For his
involvement with this group, he and fifty other physicians were arrested by the Gestapo
in May 1933. After his release two months later, he emigrated to Palestine, where
he co-founded the Maccabi Health Care Service. He died in 1956 in Tel Aviv.


Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler never wrote a book called Juden und der Weltkrieg,
about a new World War and the annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews.

The author of the article which appeared in at least three Jewish publications, lied.

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