Friday, 31 October 2014

Nothing sells like sex and Nazis

Following is a collection of comic book covers, mostly adult ones, lifted from eBay.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

1942: 6,000,000 condemned Jews in the Royal Albert Hall

The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, the Hungarian-born Joseph Hertz, informed a Leeds audience in December 1943 that "Hitler had pronounced a sentence of death on the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe"; in November 1942 he claimed Germans used 500 Jewish babies as footballs and praised the Soviets for outlawing antisemitism, and in March 1945 he effectively barred Jews from marrying Christians.
On Tuesday, November 3, 1942, Chief Rabbi Hertz, before the "predominantly Jewish" audience congregated in the Royal Albert Hall: "spoke with prophetic fire in the name of the six million Jews of Europe on whom sentence of death had been pronounced by Hitler."

The Church Times (London), No. 4,163, Vol. CXXV, Friday, November 6, 1942, p. 7.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

"In three days you'll be pieces of soap."

Hermann Krumey (no. 16) and Otto Hunsche (striped tie) at their trial in Frankfurt. 
Photo source: Passauer Neue Presse (Passau, Bavaria), April 28, 1964, p.5.

Below are a couple of reports on the testimony given by a 41 year-old Israeli named Istvan Sterk at the 1964 trial of two former SS officers who had participated in the deportation of Jews from Hungary in 1944, one of whom, Hermann Krumey, had escape prosecution after the war because the Zionist Rudolf Kastner had given affidavits in his defence to American investigators at Nuremberg.

Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, WA), Monday, June 29, 1964, p.2.

Passauer Neue Presse (Passau, Bavaria), June 30, 1964, p.5.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Gas chamber in Belgium for Jewish children

Below is a full transcription of a report that appeared in an official organ of the exiled-Belgian government during the Second World War. "INBEL (Belgian News Agency)" [Office Belge d'Information et de Documentation = Belgian Office of Information and Documentation] was an a daily—until March 29, 1945, when it became weekly—news sheet published in both French and English versions, which initially "was under the political responsibility of Foreign Minister Paul-Henri Spaak, and later under that of Antoine Delfosse, minister of Justice, National Information and Propaganda."1

INBEL. AUGUST 7, 1943. No. 2 - A report received from Occupied Belgium contains the following information on the fate meted out to Jewish children by the Germans:
"For over a year a German officer had been occupying a room in a Belgian woman's house. Lately, this officer had seemed very worried and out of sorts. One evening, about two weeks ago, he went into the kitchen and said to his involuntary landlady: 'I must speak openly to someone. I cannot bear it any longer. For weeks now I have been present at the most horrible scene imaginable. I work at Brasschaet (near Antwerp) and at regular intervals I see very nice young Jewish children massacred there. They are assembled in a nice room and given everything they could want: sweets, and toys of all kinds. But in the evening gas is introduced into the room, and in a few minutes all these innocents are dead. Afterwards you find them n the same attitudes in which they were when you left them. They still appear to be laughing, eating or playing, but they are all dead. I do not feel equal to going to Brasschaet any longer. I am going to report sick."
Two days later, two Germans called at the woman's house and asked to speak to the German officer. A few minutes later, all three of them went out, taking away all the belongings which the officer had in his room. The landlady has not heard anything about her lodger since."
The writer of the report concludes as follows:
"Though he knows nothing of this affair, an inhabitant of Antwerp told us that very young Jewish children are taken regularly to Brasschaet." "There must be many of them," he adds, "as no one has ever seen any coming back."2

1. Dan Mikhman (ed.), Belgium and the Holocaust: Jews, Belgians and Germans, Jerusalem: Daf-Noy, 1998, p. 288.
2. INBEL (Belgian News Agency), August 7, 1943. This story was subsequently reported in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency's Daily News Bulletin: "German Soldier Tells of Nazi Method of Mass-Gassing Jewish Children in Belgium", September 8, 1943, p.3, although the story appeared in INBEL on August 7, the JTA mistakenly claims INBEL published the story on September 7.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

1940: 6,000,000 Jews in prisons or KZs says Zionist leaders

Nahum Goldmann a.k.a. Mr. Six Millions Jews, with yet another six million Jews estimate:

The Evening Star (Washington DC), Thursday, January 18, 1940, p. A5. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Soviet photo-fakery exposed

Adolf Heusinger, Friedrich Paulus, and Adolf Hitler

In April 1961, Adolf Heusinger, the former chief of the Operations Section of the High Command of the Wehrmacht, was appointed Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, which made him in effect its chief [non-American] military strategist.

Communist-Jewish groups in the U.S. were quick to protest (CIA report) his appointment, claiming he was responsible for numerous war crimes committed within the Soviet Union during the war. Heusinger had never been tried by the Allies but he did give an affidavit that was presented at the main Nuremberg trial as part of the prosecution's case against Jodl, in which he'd declared that the military leaders of Germany had a plan for "the systematic extermination of Slavism and Jewry." His former comrade  Major-general von Buttlar-Brandenfels was surprised to hear of this, stating under oath: "He never said anything to me which might express this view and I cannot explain this statement of his," (IMT/15/570) because "I never heard so much as a hint of such a thing. Such an interpretation would have been quite contrary to the intentions of the military leaders." (Ibid/567)

The Soviet government quickly followed the lead of the American-Jewish communists and launched a propaganda offensive of their own against the new head of the NATO Military Committee. In December 1961 a press conference was held at which they presented purported evidence of atrocities committed by troops under Heusinger's control during WWII, and demanded that the U.S. immediately hand him over so he could face trial.

One of the pieces of evidence presented at the press conference was a photograph which purportedly showed Heusinger's troops burning a Soviet village, and the same photo was also published in the following day's edition of the state-published newspaper Krasnaia Zvezda (Red Star) in an article titled "Hitlerite Heusinger—Prosecute Him!"

Within a few weeks, journalists in West Germany published an exposé on the photograph, proving that in 1960 the same State controlled military publishing house that printed Krasnaia Zvezda had published the same photo in its prestigious six volume History of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941-1945, but on that occasion had stated that the photo showed Japanese troops burning a Chinese village in 1932.

Newspapers in the U.S. quickly picked-up on the story (as can be seen in this collection of articles on CODOH discovered by hermod—from which I originally learnt of this fraud), some even published an official comment from the U.S. government on the matter, who labelled it "a crude propaganda manoeuvre." 

This incident demonstrates the Soviet's unscrupulous dishonesty in presenting deliberately mislabelled photographs as evidence of alleged German atrocities during WWII; something Holocaust promoters were proved to still be doing in 1999.

enlarged left ———————————— enlarged right

Above are images from pages 1 and 3 of the December 13, 1961, edition of the Red Army newspaper Krasnaia Zvezda obtained from a microfilm collection held by a British university; I was unfortunately unable to obtain better copies despite several, not inconsiderable efforts to do so.

This is the photo in discussion; the caption beneath it reads:
Эти чудовищные преступления немецко-фашистских карателей совершались но приказам Хойзингера. На снимках: (вверху) расстрел мирных жителей в Орловской; (внизу) Фашистские поджнгателн окружили и сжигают советскую деревню.
These monstrous crimes were committed by fascist executioners on orders of Heusinger. In pictures: (top [not shown here]) the shooting of civilians in Oryol; (bottom) Fascist incendiarists surround and set fire to a Soviet village.
Incidentally, the caption for the the top photograph on the same page on Krasnaia Zvezda article is at least consistent with what is written on the back of the purported original ("Shooting (to death) of peaceful Soviet citizens by German occupiers. Photograph found on a killed German officer in the Orlow(sky) Oblast, end of July 1942"), which is now held by the Yad Vashem. Although the poor quality of the print strongly suggests that this can not be a print from the original film.

Above are scans of the cover and title pages of История Великой Отечественной войны Советского Союза 1941-1945 Том ПервыйВоенное И3дательство Министерства Обороны Союза СCP Москва, 1960 (History of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941-1945 Volume One, Moscow: Military Publishing House of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, 1960) edited by P. N. Pospelov et al.; there is an online version of this publication. 

A scan of page 8 and the and its opposite unnumbered picture page (enlarged image).

The caption reads: "Японские интервенты сжигают китайские деревни (Район Шанхая, 1932 г.)", which translates as: "Japanese interventionists burn a Chinese Village (Shanghai district, 1932)"

Here is a gif of the two images overlaid. As one of the images is a digital scan from a book which proved impossible to keep precisely flat whilst scanning it, and the other image is a photograph, of a printout, from a substandard quality microfilm, of a 1961 Soviet newspaper, the quality is inevitably very poor—despite my best efforts I was not able to obtain a scan from an original copy of the newspaper.

Above is this entire blog post cut-to-the-chase.

President Reagan commemorates the Belsen gassings

"The fact that there were no gas chambers and hence no gassings at Bergen-Belsen was lost on President Reagan's speech-writers and obviously President Reagan himself,"

- Prof. Alvin H. Rosenfeld, The End of the Holocaust, Bloomington: Indiana Uni. Press, 2011, p.22.