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1940: 6,000,000 Jews in prisons or KZs says Zionist leaders

Nahum Goldmann a.k.a. Mr. Six Millions Jews, with yet another six million Jews estimate:

The Evening Star (Washington DC), Thursday, January 18, 1940, p. A5. 

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Soviet photo-fakery exposed

Adolf Heusinger, Friedrich Paulus, and Adolf Hitler

In April 1961, Adolf Heusinger, the former chief of the Operations Section of the High Command of the Wehrmacht, was appointed Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, which made him in effect its chief [non-American] military strategist.

Communist-Jewish groups in the U.S. were quick to protest (CIA report) his appointment, claiming he was responsible for numerous war crimes committed within the Soviet Union during the war. Heusinger had never been tried by the Allies but he did give an affidavit that was presented at the main Nuremberg trial as part of the prosecution's case against Jodl, in which he'd declared that the military leaders of Germany had a plan for "the systematic extermination of Slavism and Jewry." His former comrade  Major-general von Buttlar-Brandenfels was surprised to hear of this, stating under oath: "He never said anything to me which might express this view and I cannot explain this statement of his," (IMT/15/570) because "I never heard so much as a hint of such a thing. Such an interpretation would have been quite contrary to the intentions of the military leaders." (Ibid/567)

The Soviet government quickly followed the lead of the American-Jewish communists and launched a propaganda offensive of their own against the new head of the NATO Military Committee. In December 1961 a press conference was held at which they presented purported evidence of atrocities committed by troops under Heusinger's control during WWII, and demanded that the U.S. immediately hand him over so he could face trial.

One of the pieces of evidence presented at the press conference was a photograph which purportedly showed Heusinger's troops burning a Soviet village, and the same photo was also published in the following day's edition of the state-published newspaper Krasnaia Zvezda (Red Star) in an article titled "Hitlerite Heusinger—Prosecute Him!"

Within a few weeks, journalists in West Germany published an exposé on the photograph, proving that in 1960 the same State controlled military publishing house that printed Krasnaia Zvezda had published the same photo in its prestigious six volume History of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941-1945, but on that occasion had stated that the photo showed Japanese troops burning a Chinese village in 1932.

Newspapers in the U.S. quickly picked-up on the story (as can be seen in this collection of articles on CODOH discovered by hermod—from which I originally learnt of this fraud), some even published an official comment from the U.S. government on the matter, who labelled it "a crude propaganda manoeuvre." 

This incident demonstrates the Soviet's unscrupulous dishonesty in presenting deliberately mislabelled photographs as evidence of alleged German atrocities during WWII; something Holocaust promoters were proved to still be doing in 1999.

enlarged left ———————————— enlarged right

Above are images from pages 1 and 3 of the December 13, 1961, edition of the Red Army newspaper Krasnaia Zvezda obtained from a microfilm collection held by a British university; I was unfortunately unable to obtain better copies despite several, not inconsiderable efforts to do so.

This is the photo in discussion; the caption beneath it reads:
Эти чудовищные преступления немецко-фашистских карателей совершались но приказам Хойзингера. На снимках: (вверху) расстрел мирных жителей в Орловской; (внизу) Фашистские поджнгателн окружили и сжигают советскую деревню.
These monstrous crimes were committed by fascist executioners on orders of Heusinger. In pictures: (top [not shown here]) the shooting of civilians in Oryol; (bottom) Fascist incendiarists surround and set fire to a Soviet village.
Incidentally, the caption for the the top photograph on the same page on Krasnaia Zvezda article is at least consistent with what is written on the back of the purported original ("Shooting (to death) of peaceful Soviet citizens by German occupiers. Photograph found on a killed German officer in the Orlow(sky) Oblast, end of July 1942"), which is now held by the Yad Vashem. Although the poor quality of the print strongly suggests that this can not be a print from the original film.

Above are scans of the cover and title pages of История Великой Отечественной войны Советского Союза 1941-1945 Том ПервыйВоенное И3дательство Министерства Обороны Союза СCP Москва, 1960 (History of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941-1945 Volume One, Moscow: Military Publishing House of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, 1960) edited by P. N. Pospelov et al.; there is an online version of this publication. 

A scan of page 8 and the and its opposite unnumbered picture page (enlarged image).

The caption reads: "Японские интервенты сжигают китайские деревни (Район Шанхая, 1932 г.)", which translates as: "Japanese interventionists burn a Chinese Village (Shanghai district, 1932)"

Here is a gif of the two images overlaid. As one of the images is a digital scan from a book which proved impossible to keep precisely flat whilst scanning it, and the other image is a photograph, of a printout, from a substandard quality microfilm, of a 1961 Soviet newspaper, the quality is inevitably very poor—despite my best efforts I was not able to obtain a scan from an original copy of the newspaper.

Above is this entire blog post cut-to-the-chase.

President Reagan commemorates the Belsen gassings

"The fact that there were no gas chambers and hence no gassings at Bergen-Belsen was lost on President Reagan's speech-writers and obviously President Reagan himself,"

- Prof. Alvin H. Rosenfeld, The End of the Holocaust, Bloomington: Indiana Uni. Press, 2011, p.22.

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1945: Britain's chief rabbi effectively bans mixed marriage

I have repeatedly emphasized the fact that the Jews should serve as an example to every race, for they created a racial law for themselves—the law of Moses, which says, "If you come into a foreign land you shall not take unto yourself foreign women." And that, Gentlemen, is of tremendous importance in judging the Nuremberg Laws. These laws of the Jews were taken as a model for these laws. 
- Julius Streicher, International Military Tribunal, April 26, 1946, IMT v.12, p.315.

The infamous Nuremberg Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour—which banned marriage and sexual relations between Germans and Jews—was officially overturned on on September 20, 1945 (Allied Control Council's Law No. 1, Article 1, Part k.), but only a few months earlier Joseph Hertz, the Hungarian-born Chief Rabbi of the British Empire had, in the words of the London newspaper The European Jewish Observer, issued "what virtually amounts to a ban on inter-marriage between Jews and Christians".
The Chief Rabbi and the London Beth Din (Jewish Court), the highest authority on Jewish Law in the British Empire, promulgated new laws which prohibited Mohels from circumcising boys whose mothers were non-Jews; barred male Jews with non-Jewish wives from joining a synagogue (meaning he barred synagogues from allowing such individuals to join), although if they were already members of a synagogue they were permitted to remain, but were henceforth barred from holding a position of responsibility or influence within that synagogue.

Following is the Chief Rabbi's pronouncement in full and the aforementioned article in The European Jewish Observer:


Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5705 [March 15, 1945]

Intermarriage is unfortunately increasing. Formerly a Jew who married an unconverted non-Jewess was looked upon by his fellow Jews as a renegade, and he, too, considered himself as such. No one classed the children of such a union as Jews, and the parents had no part or function in Jewish life. But to-day few seem to realize the confusion in family life, the chaos in regard to burial, and other lamentable complications that such a union brings in its train. Even more disturbing is the fact, recently brought to our notice, that men who have married out of the Faith have in some places a hand in the control of congregational affairs. This is clearly intolerable.
Therefore, the Chief Rabbi and his Beth Din issue the following Pronouncement: 

i. The children of a non-Jewish mother who has not been previously received into the Jewish Faith by a recognized rabbinical authority are non-Jews in every respect. In regard to a male child of such a union, circumcision alone does not alter his religious status which is still that of his mother. Accordingly, a Mohel shall not perform circumcision in such a case, so that simple folks be not led to believe that merely by that act the child becomes Jewish.
ii. A Jew who is married to a non-Jewish woman that has not been duly admitted into the Jewish Faith is not thereby debarred from joining Jews in prayer, nor is he to be denied Jewish burial (though it cannot be granted to his non-Jewish wife and children). Such a Jew, however, shall not henceforth be eligible to membership in a congregation. If he acquired membership prior to the date of promulgation of this Pronouncement, that membership stands; but he shall not be given office. One whose wife and children are not part of the Jewish community shall have no voice or influence in the direct or indirect administration of the religious life of that community.

In the days of old, when men who had intermarried held positions of power in Jewry, and Ezra the Scribe resolved to take strong action in regard to the evil, the following was the response of the people to his appeal:

'Arise; for the matter belongeth unto thee, and we are with thee: be of good courage, and do it'. (Ezra, x, 4).

(Signed) H. H. Hertz
Harris M. Lazarus
I. Abramsky
I. Grunfeld
DAYANIM [= judges]

Moshe Davis, “Mixed Marriage in Western Jewry: Historical Background to the Jewish Response,” Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 10, no. 2, p. 215.

The European Jewish Observer (section of The City and East London Observer), Friday, April 13, 1945, p. 4.

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Treblinka steam chambers at the Hollywood Bowl

Extracts of a recording of Ben Hecht's 1943 stage show We Will Never Die at the Hollywood Bowl on July 21, 1943.

Weizmann hits another for six...million

I previously posted here on the president of the [World] Zionist Organisation Chaim Weizmann either bemoaning the fate of six million Jews during the mid-to-late 1930s, or claiming six million Jews were dead before anyone aside from Hoettl, Eichmann and Himmler was supposed to know that. Following is another six million Jews mention from Weizmann I recently found.
Weizmann stated before the World Zionist Conference in Zurich on August 4, 1937:

"I told the Royal Commission [on Palestine, Nov 25, 1936] that the hopes of 6,000,000 Jews are centred on emigration. The I was asked: "But can you bring 6,000,000 to Palestine?" I replied: "No. I am acquainted with the laws of physics and chemistry and I know the force of material factors. In our generation I divide the figure by three, and you can see in that the depth of the Jewish tragedy—two millions of youth, with their lives before them, who have lost the most elementary of rights, the right to work."
The old ones will pass, they will bear their fate or they will not. They are dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world.

The Manchester Guardian (UK), Monday, August 9, 1937, p.13 (enlarged).

Another Zionist claiming 6m were dead too early

Alexander L. Easterman (1891 - 1983), Scottish-born Jew, a lawyer and 
journalist who became Political Secretary of the World Jewish Congress 
in the late-'30s and head of its International Affairs Department in 1941.

We're told by historians—whose pronouncements are only doubted by hate criminals—that the world learnt that six million was the number of Jews holocausted on December 14, 1945; the day William Walsh, a U.S. prosecutor at the main Nuremberg trial, submitted an affidavit of SS-Sturmbannfuehrer (turned O.S.S. agent) Wilhelm Hoettl, in which he claimed Adolf Eichmann had told him 6,000,000 Jews had been killed.
Evidence suggests that this wasn't the case at all; numerous Zionists were claiming six million was the number of Jews killed up to 22 months prior to Hoettl's confession being presented to the Nuremberg courtroom. 
Below is another example of a Zionist claiming 6,000,000 were dead, on this occasion 4 months prior to when he was supposed to have learnt that was the figure. Following is a transcription of a letter from Alexander Easterman sent to the military judge who headed the British war crimes unit in post-war Europe, which can found in a file now held at the British national archives:



Congress House
55, New Cavendish Street
London, W.1.
Telephone: Welbeck 1314
8th August, 1945
Brig.General H. Shapcott, C.B.E., M.C.,
Deputy Judge Advocate General,
Spring Gardens, W.1.
Dear Brig.General Shapcott,
I write to thank you for your courtsey in discussing with me last Thursday certain aspects of the forthcoming War Crimes Trials at Belsen-Bergen [sic], in which the World Jewish Congress is closely concerned.
As I inform you, the World Jewish Congress has been in relations with the United nations war Crimes Commission and with various Governments on the question of the Jewish aspect of war crimes. In formal memoranda and in many discussions with these authorities, the Congress has expressed their views upon the specific character of the crimes committed against the Jews in Europe by the Nazi Government of Germany and their satellites, crimes which have culminated in the extermination, as a result of a calculated and planned conspiracy against the Jewish people, of some six million Jewish men, women and children.
Yours sincerely,

(Sgd) A. L. Easterman.
Political Secretary.

Eastman to Shapcott 08.06.45 in UK NA: WO 309/424, p.102B.